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Guys, Don’t be a Shit and Ask a Woman to Hang; Ask a Woman Out.

Guys, I’m going to start off with the lesson, if you do not ask a woman out like a man, you say you want to hang out, you are a chickenshit and do not get to bitch about being “friend-zoned.” You put yourself there.

And if you don’t ask her out because you aren’t interested in her, you just want to f*#k her and move on, and you invite her to hang as a friend so you can make a move when her guard is down, you are pulling a bait and switch, taking advantage of her trust in you as a friend, and are a world class shitbag.

One’s a chickenshit, the other is a shitbag. Either way, you’re full of shit.

Don’t do it.

You want to pick up a girl at a bar for a one night stand, hey, that’s between you guys. A relationship grows out of a friendship, it’s risky, but again, long as everything is on the up and up, nobody’s lying to anybody, then that’s all between you two.

But if you meet a girl, then please, please, do not be either of the shits mentioned above, just ask her out.

You know why? Because if she’s interested too, then she’ll say yes, and she’ll already have some respect for you because you had the balls to ask her out and most of the boys (if you’re pulling puss moves like asking a girl to hang when you don’t mean it, then you’re not a man, you’re a boy), out there don’t.

She may say yes just because you had the balls to ask her out, because, yes, your species has lowered the bar that much.

And if you were asking her to hang and you meant date, she’s thinking of it as hanging out, and that you’re not interested in her that way, because if you were, you would’ve asked her on a date, and you will have friend-zoned your damn self.

And if you invite a girl to hang out for the sole purpose of pulling a bait and switch?

You don’t get to bitch when it goes bad!

When you’ve been hanging and she sees you as a friend, and you are thinking great, she trusts me, now I can make a move…

Go get fixed. We don’t want those genes polluting the population.

Because you, sir, have just betrayed someone.

Nope, argue all you want, but again, you’re full of shit.

This is a betrayal. You earned their trust, you got them alone, and then you made a move out of the blue when their guard was down. As I said, bait and switch.

At that point, you’re nothing more than a con man.

You have ruined the friendship because she’ll either say no and it’ll be weird, or she’ll say yes, thinking good relationships come out of friendships all the time, and then will be devastated when afterwards you ditch her, saying you were never her friend, you just wanted to screw her.

If you’re considering this move, I hope you aren’t religious and don’t believe in karma, because the worst spot in Hell is reserved for those who betray.

Why? Because when you have their trust, they are giving you the keys to hurt them, you let yourself in, and can blow them up from the inside.

Remember the movie Armageddon? Where they had to blow up the asteroid after drilling down, because that’ll break it apart, while blowing one up on the surface will just throw off some chunks? Yeah.

Same principle.

Don’t do it. It will catch up with you. Because you know what, the girl you tricked into bed by convincing her you were a friend who wanted more, whom you then ditched like yesterday’s sushi?

She has a mouth, dumbass!

And she’s going to tell people. Because if you did that to a friend once, you’ll probably do it again, or use other friends other ways.

And, I know this is a shocker, people don’t like that. They tend to see you as a user and think you’re probably not worth their time or the risk. Yep, even your guy friends will look at that and go, “Eh, he’s not going to do that specific thing to me, but if you’ll screw a buddy over, you’ll screw a buddy over.” And you will lose friends.

So, in conclusion, don’t be a shit, just ask the girl out upfront, and don’t trick people to get what you want. Betrayal does come back to bite you on the ass.  🙂

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