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Well, it’s here.

Election Day.

Did anyone else just feel a cold wind or is the AC just too high in the office again?

The last few months (like 18!) have been bad and just got uglier and uglier as it went.  Especially for someone like me who has friends all around the political circle.  I’ve got lefties who honestly think Trump is going to deport them for having funny last names, or set off nuclear war, and righties who are terrified we’ll end up standing in line for government cheese with no rights, no jobs and no guns.

And so, to counter the crazy and lower your stress while you wait for the results to roll in, here’s a list of things to do to survive election day.

  1. Focus on work. No really, I’m assuming you have a job, kids, ect… (if you don’t… okay, I was going to add a joke in there but I’m trying to keep this nonpartisan so I won’t say it :), do it like it’s any other day. However you measure your productivity in a day, go for a flippin’ record.

  2. Watch cute videos on the internet. A zoo is putting red pandas on live stream today  There’s ones at A kitten cam here: Or just go find one by googling live animal cam and pick your favorite animal.

  3. Do some yoga. It’s exercise, it’s good for you, and helps lower blood pressure. You also won’t be staring at your phone because you’d fall out of the pose.

  4. Got lost in a good book. (Mine are here if you want to check them out:  Come on, I have to do a little promoting.) Some truly awesome spec fic authors are also listed here:

  5. Watch comedy. No really, just binge watch something funny all evening. I really like The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls. Some good older ones are Friends and Fraiser and they’re on Netflix.

  6. And of course, after you work, do yoga, and while you’re watching something cute/fuzzy…


Come on, you knew that was coming. 🙂

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