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Camp Nano is sort of an extension of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and it’s done in April and July.  Basically you are doing Nanowrimo again, but you set your own word count and have writing groups, called cabins.

So, I’m doing CampNano for April 2015.  Who’s with me! 😀

I’m doing the next book in my Law and Magic series, Patenting Magic.

Questions, based on the blurb, would you want to read this?  Are you intrigued?  What kind of story are you expecting from this teaser: a romance, a legal thriller, urban fantasy with a twist, all of the above?


After five-thousand years, magic is back in the world and the law is having a hell of a time figuring out how to deal with it all.

Who owns the fruit a sentient tree produces? How do you stop magical beings from using their powers in a casino? Should using magic to make your boss happier so she stops taking her bad moods out on the employees be a crime?

Millie Lehman’s concerned with one thing: her university think tank being the first entity in America to patent a magic-based invention. They have the patent filed, are working their way up through the courts, and it’s looking good.

Until a Senator introduces a bill that would declare magical inventions patently unpatentable subject matter.

Millie’s group doesn’t have anyone qualified to lobby Congress, they’re a bunch of scientists and patent attorneys. So they hire a lobbyist who has successfully argued and won favorable votes for three magic rights related bills in the past two years. He’s the perfect guy for the job.

Too bad he’s Millie’s ex.

Now, she has to deal with her past and finally lay her broken heart to rest. Especially when they find out who’s behind the anti-magic bill in the first place and just how far they’re willing to go to keep anyone from patenting magic.

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