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My First Novel, The Gods Defense!

My first novel, The Gods Defense, is new today!

In a world of magic, even gods have something to fear.

When the gods woke and brought magic back to the world, society held it together. Sure, now people suddenly have powers, plants can talk and the laws have to change to accommodate magic, but the world goes on… at least until the reason the gods went to sleep in the first place comes around.

Prosecutor Cassandra Berry isn’t a fan of the gods gathering naïve people into their new religions (cults) and doesn’t like that they won’t tell people why they’ve been asleep for thousands of years, but her latest assault case has hit a wall.

The defendant is claiming the new “Gods Defense,” that Dionysus made him do it, and the judge is actually allowing it! Cassandra knows Dionysus will ignore a subpoena and pulls the only string she has, Apollo, the god who has been trying to get her to be his personal lawyer since she graduated last year just because she’s a powerful psychic.

If only that were Apollo’s true goal.

Cassandra gets dragged into the gods’ world kicking and screaming as Apollo’s familiar, but changes her tune when Apollo answers the question humanity’s been asking for two years – why did the gods take magic into hibernation?

Now, she’s in the middle of a celestial civil war, and as the solstice nears, the answers come pouring out and more questions arise… like is she even on the right side?

As the battle heats up and the magic grows, Cassandra has to decide what world she belongs in. The humans’ or the gods’? Before that choice is taken away from her.

Can she accept her powers before a plan fifteen thousand years in the making comes to fruition and breaks over the world?

Check the book out on Amazon. If you prefer print, the paperback is coming in a month.

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