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My Introduction for Blogging 101


I’m doing Blogging 101 through WordPress’s Blogging U, and today’s the first day.  The assignment is to introduce ourselves to the world.  I’ve already been here for about a year, but for new readers and to help refocus myself (and because I’m a Leo and middle child so I like the attention), here’s me 🙂

I’m a lawyer and urban fantasy writer, meaning author wannabe 🙂  I always made up stories as a kid, but didn’t start writing them down till college, just decided to do it one day and couldn’t stop.  I write urban fantasy because most of the time when I try to write anything in a normal reality, magic shoves its big nose into the plot.

Through college I produced 4 books and many stories, all at various stages of completeness and needing to be editedness (the first book is supposed to be terrible, right?). I took an unplanned hiatus from writing when I went to law school and all of my brain power got consumed by cases, statutes, exams, and partying (if you think law students are boring and don’t know how to throw a good party, you’ve never met a law student in Nashville).  I finally stopped saying I was “getting back into my writing” about last August, and actually wrote, meaning I made writing a priority again.  It took a few months to build it up 🙂

I started writing in August of 2006, stopped in August 2010 (I won’t say gave up… the word we use is hiatus  ;), and picked it back up about August of 2014.  So obviously I have a pattern going and my year starts in August like a school girl.

I am obsessed with alternate realities, whether or not I travel to them in the flesh or just in my mind, I will leave to you to figure out.

My influences include the authors Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, and Kelley Armstrong; the TV shows Sliders, Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Stargate, and Fringe; and wayyyyyyy too many musicians to name.

I’m dating a cat trapped in a man’s body, who doesn’t complain about being trapped since it allows him the use of opposable thumbs to work his camera. I live with him and his best friend, a man trapped in a cat’s body, who complains about his lack of opposable thumbs daily.

This blog is about the law and writing.  I hit on both… and anything else that pops into my head, but those are my main areas of interest.  Mostly I focus on writing, and most of my law posts are to give writers a crash course in some snippet of the law so they can get it right in their writing 🙂 (Please, please get the basics right; my sister’s banned me from watching any shows touching on legal issues because I can’t stop correcting them.)

I have recently started doing blog series on here.  I put up quotes about writing on Writer’s Inspiration Sundays, writing prompts on Coffee Prompt Monday, legal posts on Trademark Tuesdays, Writer’s Life Wednesday posts about the art of writing, and trivia questions on Trivia Thursday posts.

I’m on here to give people info on different areas of law, share what I’ve learned about writing (especially about coming back to it after a few years off!), connect with other writers and readers, and build an “author platform.”  (And finally figure out what the hell an author platform is 🙂

Looking forward to getting to know you all.  Happy Writing! 🙂

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