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Alright, I didn’t want to do this because I have a severe fear of commitment and failure, but the best way to get myself to actually do something is to announce it on social media.  So here goes:


Hmmmmm, nope, still scared of commitment and failure, but hey, we’ll see how it goes.

The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in November.  Now, I’ve completed novels in the past (all of which need to be cleaned up and edited still, but they’re done) so this isn’t as new to me as some people on Nano’s site.  I even wrote a full 120,000 word novel in 5 weeks my Junior year.  But I haven’t been a dedicated, do it every day writer since college.  I just haven’t had the same creative, driven spurts that I used to.  Law school will do that to ya.

My goal isn’t to write a novel that’s 50,000 words.  My goal is to add 50,000 words to the 25,000 I already have of The Gods Defense.  Basically I’m looking for anything to give me a kick in the pants to finish the damn thing already.  I have the plot sketched out, some character points I want to hit along the way, and a ridiculous coincidence that’s not really a coincidence or two.  All I need now is to sit down and do it, right?  Write? 🙂  And coffee, just lots and lots of coffee.

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