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SciFi/Fantasy D and D Game on Faceboook Today!


I’m gonna admit up front, I don’t get D and D.  So while I’m sharing this because I’m part of it, it’s going to be pretty much cut and paste from the game’s site because I don’t quite get it 🙂 (I know, bad geek.)

It starts at 4 pm PST and it’s a D and D game that’s played online with a dungeon master and dice and everything.

It’s found at, and you click the button at the bottom to play.  The rules are here.  And the event on Facebook is here.

So you set it up like they say in the rules page, there’s links and stuff you do to get artifacts to help you, and then you go on your quest.  You can level up to get bigger prizes, but there’s also random prizes you can get as you go.  And what are those?  Books!  You get free books!  And yes, I’m putting this up because  I donated a few of my novellas 🙂

So here’s what they have on their page about the game:

“You’re properly equipped and outfitted. Time to adventure! The DM will will provide you an encounter with three choices to follow.

Choose wisely! Some choices lead to immediate death, some to immediate success. Most will rely on the DM rolling a d20. If you pass, you move on (sometimes with new treasure) to face increasingly difficult challenges. If you fail… you die.

Like any good RPG, Tombs and Terrors provides second chances. If you die, you can choose to permanently loose one of your three item slots (and an associated item) to repeat your level. Check the artifacts to find an even more powerful way to keep playing!

Level up to win the following “achievement unlocked” prizes!

Reach Level 5 – Win an ebook copy of The Red King, by Nick Cole (first 25)

Reach Level 7 – Win an ebook copy of The End of the World as we Knew it, by Nick Cole (first 25)

Reach Level 8 – Win a 2 month subscription to the Sci Phi Journal – A Journal About Science Fiction & Philosophy (first 20)

Reach Level 9 – Win an audio download of The Red King, by Nick Cole (first 25)

First to Win Level 10 – Win the grand prize package!

$100.00 Gift Card

Kindle Fire 7″, Wi-Fi, 8GB

Every Current and Future Nick Cole book in physical copy, signed by the author, FOR LIFE.

First WRITER to win Level 10 – If the Grand Prize isn’t your thing, you can cash in the Writer’s Quest: Nick Cole will personally pitch your project to his agent!

Sounds pretty good, right? There’s more! Throughout the game, right from the first level, you can discover random items depending on your choices and how well the dice bounces. In addition to in-game buffs, you also can find some great reads in the dungeon (probably a sleepy goblin left them lying around):


Scavenger: Evolution by Timothy C. Ward Paladin by Kevin G. Summers Tails of the Apocalypse by Todd Barselow

Signed Paperbacks (U.S. Shipping Only)

’til Death by Jason Anspach Article IX by Jon Frater Kamika-Z by C.A. Boore Zero Hour: Part One by Eamon Ambrose (Shipping to Ireland probably okay, too). Song of Silverglade by Alistair Foley (this is a cursed treasure item because this book is so bad)

For Writers

Free Edits up to 5,000 words courtesy Editor Ellen Campbell

Paperbacks (U.S. Shipping only)

Prometheus Stumbles by Ed Gosney Dunes Over Danvar by Michael Bunker Tales From Pennsylvania by Michael Bunker The Traveler by Stefan Bolz Domino by Kia Heavey Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet by Philip Harris


Tails of the Apocalypse by Chris Pourteau Domino by Kia Heavey Practice by Ed Gosney Kamika-Z by C.A. Boore Rules of Force by Steve Statham Zero Hour: 1-4 by Eamon Ambrose Nighthawk at the Missions by Forbes West Medium Talent & Bad Dream Man by Forbes West Counter-Clockwise by Ed Gosney Something the Wind Blew In by Ed Gosney Prometheus Stumbles by Ed Gosney ’til Death by Jason Anspach That’s a Wrap From the Sea of Tranquility by Eric Tozzi TBD by A.K. Meek Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos by Amie Gibbons One in Infinity: A Reality Crossing Novella by Amie Gibbons Evie Jones and the Spirit Stalker by Amie Gibbons Evie Jones: The First Four Stories by Amie Gibbons The Notice by Daniella Bova Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine Torchship by Karl K. Gallagher The Reliquary by Jim Lion The Fugitive Heir (M+M Book 1) by Henry Vogel No Horns on these Helmets by Erin Lale Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Hank Garner The White Dragon: Genesis by Stefan Bolz The Last Stop by Matthew Hanover The Girl in the City by Philip Harris Ledge Town by Jason Anspach

 The Prize List is only going to grow by Friday… check back to see what other treasurers may be found in THE TOMB OF TERROR!”

So if this sounds fun, or even if you just like free stuff 🙂 check it out.

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