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Shifting Ice Cover Reveal!


Shifting Ice is coming out this Sunday and I’m so excited!  It’s been about five months since the book came out so it’s about damn time for something new 🙂

I’m still playing with the blurb, but here’s the medium(ish) draft (it’s after rough but not finished 😉

Kidnapped kids are the least of her problems…

Lion shifter Tyler Carmichael’s day starts with a telepathic cry for help from children shifters who have been kidnapped by scientists and even she’s not so cold as to leave children to suffer. Now she has to work with the wolves’ king Caesius to rescue them and stop the scientists permanently, before all of humanity finds out about shifters and magic.

But Tyler and Caesius have been teasing each other for years and the sexual games could be their undoing.

And the shifters’ magic isn’t the only kind at play.

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