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Are you male and baffled by the amount of crap girls are always looking for and can’t ever seem to find?  And then you want to know why we even bother trying to find these things in the first place, or why we don’t keep better track of them.

Well so do we!

If we could keep track of these things, we wouldn’t lose them.  These are those things we just can’t manage to do that for.  Hey, we keep track of everything else in our lives… and yours if you haven’t noticed, cut us some slack on these.

1. Anything in our purses… ever.  It doesn’t matter what it is, we can’t find it in our purses without dumping everything out first.  It’s a rule.

2.Our damn chapstick!  This often overlaps with number 1, but they do warrant their own numbers because they can be separate.

3. Our bobby pins, clips, ponytail holders and other such hair dodads.  We buy them in bulk of a hundred at a time because we will use and lose those hundred in a year (yes this is a real stat, no doesn’t ask me to cite my source).

4. Our eyebrow tweezers.  This one we blame on you.  You use ours to pluck unwanted hairs, put them down somewhere and then pretend you don’t even know what they are for.  Oh yeah, we’re onto you boys.

5. Our keys.  But come on, isn’t this everyone who has ever been running 10 minutes late to class/work/meeting/interview, and absolutely could not afford to spend another 5 minutes looking for the keys?

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