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To delete or replace, that is the question.

evie shadow v2

A few days ago I posted a question on my cover for the 5th Evie.  The story wasn’t selling well even though the first four did and I figured it was the cover.  What Evie was wearing just threw everyone off.  It didn’t fit her look or my brand.

Here’s the redone cover.

Now, the question is.  Do I delete the novella and put up a new one so it shows up as “new” again and hopefully gets more eyes on it, or do I just replace the cover and update the current novella?

The fresh eyes on it as a new title could be really good, not having the worse ranking for the bad sales the past week and a half dragging it down.  It does mean any reviews would be deleted as well, but I don’t have any reviews on it anyway.  It also means any links I’ve done in the past will go to nothing, but since it hasn’t been doing well anyway, I’m assuming no one is really looking at those links.

So from where I’m sitting it looks like unpublishing with the first cover and publishing with the new one looks like a good idea.  And that’s what I’m going to try.

But it really is a balancing act.  If you have reviews, don’t even think about unpublishing it.  Every review is worth the weight of your laptop in gold because it directs readers there and tells them what’s to like and dislike (never underestimate the power of a bad review telling people to dislike your book to actually make readers who like whatever that person hated want to read your book 🙂

But if you don’t have any reviews yet, why not start with a fresh slate?  I’m not seeing a downside, but I will let you all know if I run into one.

And now, Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos is live on Amazon.

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