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At Killer Nashville this weekend the agent loved the start of my story but said novellas are hard to sell, which got me thinking.  My story is meant to be the start of a series, I was just going to have the series start a few months later and have this story be a prequel type novella.

But why?

There’s a whole adventure in the actual stopping the curse that I was going to skip between this story and the full novel and now I’m thinking that’s stupid.  So I’m putting the story as the start of a book, and getting into the days leading up to the alignment to stop the curse, not to mention the ultimate battle at the end to actually pull it off.

Some of what I’ve already posted as The Gods Defense has been tinkered with to accommodate this longer version, and just to give it more decoration because I was kind of skimpy on describing scenes, but the story is overall the same, except for one big difference.  I’m taking the end of the story and moving it back about a week so it can be the end of the full novel.

I’m trying to write quickly and it’s hard, but that’s the life of a writer.  I have the basic outline, and am even planning to address unanswered questions I raised in the original story.

Why does Cassandra distrust Apollo so much?  Why does Apollo want her despite that?  Is her name just a coincidence? Where did the extra magic that made it so the defector gods had the chance to free ride and not help at the alignment come from?  The big one I plan to have play a major role in the full story is WHY THE HELL ARE THE GREEK GODS IN AMERICA AND WHERE DID THE NATIVE AMERICAN ONES GO?

I’m going to be posting the important changes of the revised version on here so those following it can see the changes, and then start with the new chapters.

So buckle up and be ready for scenes from this novel to pop up on here and for me to be asking for feedback because The Gods Defense is just getting started.

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