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(Today we had to write about something we found and have the story be a continuation (in some sort of way, mine’s the same story but a different part of it) of the Day 4 assignment, which was something we lost.  So here’s the assignment for today: and here’s my Day 4 one

“Where are we?” I asked, looking around.

Green.  Not foresty, springtime in Nashville kind of green, a bright, almost poisonous green.

Heat pressed down, thicker and more oppressive than any summer even the South could whip up.  The trees and undergrowth were so dense around us I couldn’t see more than ten feet in any direction and the canopy above turned the world on the ground to dusk.  Buzzing noises fit for horror movies about bugs ragging war against humankind assaulted my ears.

This wasn’t one of Olympus’s forests.  This was a fucking jungle!

“Apollo?”  I tried to keep the panic out of my voice.

He took my hand.  “I don’t know.”

We’d crossed over into the gods dimension without a problem, so why…?

I took a deep breath through my mouth, trying to suck enough oxygen out of the wet air to think, and pushed my half soaked hair off my forehead.  My heart was already picking up like I’d just slid into a hot tub.

“We’re not in Olympus?”

“No.”  Apollo scanned the mass of vegetation around us and I followed suit.

Didn’t know what the hell we were looking for but it was better than standing there sweating.

Fat flowers like purple slugs inched up a tree to our right and in the middle of them…

Was a bright red stuffed dog that looked strangely like my favorite toy that I’d misplaced when I was eight.

What.  The.  Fuck?

I walked towards it without thinking and Apollo pulled me back by my hand.

“Cassandra,” he said in a low voice, “is that yours?”

“It was, I think.”  I shook my head to clear the muggy air out of it.  Dear god, I couldn’t breathe!  “It looks like the stuffed animal I lost when I was a kid.  I was devastated for, like, a year.”


“Huh?”  I dragged in more air.  It tasted like bad breath and old lady perfume.

“She’s a goddess of lost items from what is now the Philippines.  Which means we are in their dimension.”  He held my hand tighter, taking lay of the land with quick jerks of his head.  “When I say, we run.  No matter what, do not let go of my hand.”

“What.  Run where?”


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