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(This is for the Writing 101 course.  We were supposed to write about a person we’d met this year so, since I’m trying to write a sequel, I turned a friend’s new boyfriend into my character’s friend’s new boyfriend. (If you see this and know I’m talking about you, don’t sue because all similarities between characters and anyone, real or imagined, is completely coincidental 😉  Assignment’s here:

“Cassandra?  Cassandra Berry?”

I whirled at my name, scanning the Broadway lunch crowds until…

“Sam!”  I bounced and lunged at my old school friend, hugging her like it’d been ten years instead of two.  She’d cut her hair again so it was a short pixy that emphasized her brown, cartoon-esq eyes.  “WhatareyoudoingbackinNashville!”

She said at the same time, “I’m here on vacation.  Was going to give you a call!”

We let each other go and cracked up.

“Casandra, this is Steven.”  Sam waved the guy I just noticed hovering behind her up.

He was barely taller than her five foot six, with a swimmer’s build under his suit and sparkling grey eyes.  His face was creased in the biggest smile as he shook my hand and it was all I could see for a moment, it was so blinding.

“Great to meet a friend of Sam’s,” he said, looking me in the eye before letting my hand go.  He walked back behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder, still grinning like a maniac clown.

Even without my psychic abilities I could see the love pouring out of him.  Sam didn’t have a ring on her finger, but that I suspected was going to be temporary.

He took her hand as he walked back around, like he couldn’t bear to not be touching some part of her.

There, I thought with a pang, that’s love.

I didn’t realize Steven had said something to me and I shook my head.  “I’m sorry, what?”

“You want to join us for lunch?”

“Of course.”

Actually, I needed food.  But that devotion, that true, unadulterated love leaking out of him like sweat…

I wanted that.

And how long had it been since I’d admitted that to myself?

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