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(This is for the Writing 101 course.  We were supposed to write about contrasts or conflict in the form of dialogue.  Assignment found here:   This is, again, for the sequel I’m writing, honestly trying not to give anything away to those reading the story, The Gods Defense, as I post it on here, but this one will probably give something away so spoiler alert.)

“Sir.” I bent into a bow in front of the king.  A curtsey was not happening in my suit’s pencil skirt and honestly, the bow had the fabric pressed too tight to my bottom for my liking.  Definitely time for a diet.

“Cassandra,” Zeus nodded his head back.  A deep sign of respect from the king of the Greek Gods to pay to a mortal.

Apollo made a small sound that sounded suspiciously like a, “hurmf,” and I switch my eyes to him, waiting for his father to excuse himself and enter the ballroom before turning on him.

“What was that?”

“You bow and call my father sir, but you make a point of telling me on a daily basis that I, your boss, not to mention your patron god, will get no such respect.”

“Seriously?  You, of all people, have the gall to call me on my lack of decorum?  You have been nothing but unprofessional since the day we met!  Ohhhhh, no,” I waved a finger at his opening mouth.  “You asked me to work for you after barely an interview, while hitting on me!”

“If I may…”

“NOPE!  You have flirted, you have insinuated, you kissed me, lets not forget the crap you pulled to get me to work for you.  You want to know why I said no that first day you offered the job even though you would pay sooooo much more than the DA’s office?”

“I am all ears,” he bit off like peanut brittle.  It was almost like he was mad.

Too bad.  I was on a roll.

“Because my so called future employer was stroking the top of my hand and staring into my eyes over coffee when he offered me a job.  I knew then that you were full of crap.  Didn’t know nearly as much as I do now, but I knew working for you meant there would be no lines between the personal and professional.  You crossed the line that first day.  Not me!  You made this personal.  And since I have been working for you, every day I am faced with enough of your eyes on my chest, dirty complements, and flat out inappropriate touching to bring a suit ten times over.  And now you have the audacity…”  I shook my head.

“I did not realize my advances were so unwelcome,” Apollo said, clenching his jaw.  “I must have been quite the cad to deserve such a diatribe.  Especially since my flirting has been, it appeared to me these past few months, warmly received.  My mistake.  I apologize, Ms. Berry.”

Ms Berry?  Seriously?  Can you say frosty?

“It will not happen again,” Apollo finished, turning on a heel.  “If you will excuse me, I have a party to attend.”

Had I really been encouraging him this whole time?

Maybe Apollo wasn’t the only one who had no clue where the lines between personal and professional were.  After all, no lawyer I’d ever met yelled at their boss like that in a hallway where anyone could hear.

“Apollo, wait,” I heard myself say without my brain giving the command.

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