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(Today’s assignment is to write a description of a place in public without using adverbs.  Found here:

I tapped my foot on the linoleum, glancing down at my watch then back up at the letters over those mocking silver doors.

Where was the damn elevator!

Whush, sang to the right of me and I jump-turned just in time to side step out of the way of an old woman in bubblegum scrubs coming through the automatic double doors, pushing an empty wheelchair.

“‘Scuse me,” she muttered, shoving past a picture of a building even my untrained eye could tell didn’t have enough detail (pixels?) to have been blown up and hung as art.  The cheery yellow building (probably of some place far away that not even the doctors here could actually afford to go) and its wraparound lawn of flowers did its best to make the grey walls look less dingy.  Poor picture was fighting a losing battle on that one.


I turned and hustled onto the elevator, almost mowing down someone myself.  “Sorry!” I said to his retreating back.  He didn’t turn.  In as much of a hurry to get out of here as I was.

I pushed seven and rested against the back wall as the doors closed in front of me.

Sealing me in.

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