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Have you ever been in a job where some of your coworkers just never do anything? Or, hell, have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Whether it’s working in fast food, retail, corporate, or computers, there’s always that person (or people) who sits around playing on their phone, surfing the web, texting, or just staring off into space and never (or rarely) actually getting any work done.

Why do they think they can do that? Better question. How the hell do they get away with it?

Short answer: No Consequences leads to Entitlement and no Accountability.

Longer answer: Look at America today, we have people in jobs they aren’t qualified for because they’ve worked at that company forever, people in hourly jobs that were handed to them because they knew the right people or they’re in some program trying to help the poor, ect…, and we have those damn participation trophies.

Don’t get me STARTED on those damn participation trophies.

We have become so focused on helping people when they’re in bad shape (whether it be economically, physically, mentally, whatever) and making sure they don’t feel bad about being losers for even a minute, that we’ve lost sight of encouraging people to actually be their best.

At the jobs where people just play around all day, look at the management. They’re the ones not only allowing that behavior, but also not recognizing those that are working their asses off by rewards, bonuses, and promotions. You want your employees to work? Start by recognizing those that work and firing those that don’t.

Kids sports have started doing participation trophies for everyone and not keeping score, or keeping score but not giving the winners anything extra. Because they don’t want the losers to feel bad. What the fuck is that! (Side note, google ‘Christopher Titus participation trophy’ to see his comedic bit on that. It’s great.)

If the kid in school who works her ass off for weeks on her science project gets the exact same participation ribbon as the kids who slapped together something the night before, what do you think that’s teaching the hard working kid? Your hard work means nothing, you may as well not work hard and just slap stuff together because you’ll get the same thing.

That’s why we have prizes, grades, school rankings, employee reviews, bonuses, ect!

To REWARD the people who deserve it and tell the others to step up their game if they want to achieve anything.

Say it with me, DUH!

Things aren’t handed to you in life, things come when you work for them…

Oh wait, this is welfare state America.

And we get to the root of the problem!

With Uncle Sam there to take care of you, WHY WORK???

We have created a generation of lazy, system-riding leeches who have been raised to not work, specifically so they can live off the government. When they do have jobs, like through a government program, they don’t work, because they don’t know how and they know if they get fired, it’s no big deal. The social welfare programs are even called Entitlements and people have due process rights before the government can take those Entitlements away.

There is a culture around all this of do the absolute minimum to get things, take every penny you can from the government to buy flashy cars, fancy phones and cable, and then don’t worry about bills because it’s not like you’ll be kicked out or have services turned off, because the government’s picking up this tab.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be programs to help people who truly just need help to get back on their feet, or to better themselves (I’m all for grants/loan forgiveness/work study programs to help people in higher education).  I am saying when the government has created a culture of living off them to the extent that people make a living of doing that and teach their children that instead of getting jobs and teaching their kids good work ethic, well then Houston, we have a problem.

Without consequences and accountability for your actions, you’re taught you don’t have to do anything to live. And worse, you’re taught you’re entitled to these things you didn’t work for.  Without rewards, you’re taught to not strive for anything, because you with your beautiful working volcano are treated equal to that kid who stumbled into the science fair 10 minutes late with an egg to suck into a jar, so why bother?

You agree or you don’t, I want to hear from you.  What are your work stories of those crappy people who get away with all?  What do you think of the welfare system?  What about those participation trophies?  You want to add to the rant or want to counter-rant, lets hear it!

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