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Liberty Con!!!

The Gods Defense w bookmarks rotate

My cat and I are off to Liberty Con this afternoon.  We’ve got a pretty busy schedule, catching up with friends, doing panels and pushin’ swag 🙂

I was saying I wanted to do some kind of swag with bullets and an author friend, Ms. Cedar Sanderson, came up with the idea of bullet bookmarks.  Another friend of mine figured out how to make them and here we are, the coolest swag this convention, hopefully, has ever seen.

On top of that, I’m of course bringing paper books to sell and business cards to hand out.

So what’s my schedule look like?

Scheduled Programming Events Featuring Amie GibbonsDayTimeName of EventFri05:00PMOpening CeremoniesFri06:00PMLaw Basics for Writers

Lawyer / Author Amie Gibbons will conduct this 2 hour workshop on law basics for writers. It will include a general outline of criminal, constitutional, and tort law basics (on the writing side), as well as a treatment of intellectual property, copyright and contract law (on the business side).


Roosevelt Room

(120 min)Sat03:00PMAuthor’s Alley (Antonelli, Gibbons, Swears, Wandrey)Sat04:00PMAuthor’s Alley (Coe, Gibbons, D. Kennedy, Martin)Sat05:00PMAuthor’s Alley (Burkhead, Gibbons, D. Kennedy, Schroeder)Sat10:00PMParanormal Activities Panel

Our panel of intrepid paranormal researchers and writers will talk about their latest endeavors. Paul Cagle (Mod.)


Cent. Theater Foyer

(60 min)Sun10:00AMKaffeeklatschSun01:00PMReading – Amie Gibbons & Rich Weyand

I’ve got a workshop, panel, 3 hours at a table to hawk my wares, the author kaffeeklatsch and a reading.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous.  What if nobody comes to my workshop?  What if nobody buys my books?  These are the things that goes through everyone’s heads in situations like this but especially newbies.  There’s no reason for people to come to see me because I’m not well known, so they’re going to have to want to come because of the content and I have to hope that will be enough to hook them so they get to know me and my books.

No matter what happens, it’s sure going to be interesting.  And I do get to see and catch up with people I’ve only met once or twice outside of online.  We live so much in our own heads, in our little worlds, crawling out to meet others in the virtual world, but we only get to actually hang in the real world every so often.  So it should be a lot of fun too.

And there’s no question, when a bunch of odds get together, it gets interesting.

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