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To Get Us Through The Rest Of This Kick You In The Teeth Year, I Got Freebies!

Okay, so I went a little nuts this season with the deals. I’ve got sales coming the next three weeks so keep an eye on my page if you want to get some stuff at a good price, and half of those good prices are $0 🙂

So, to celebrate the end of this written by George R.R. Martin, directed by Shonda Rhimes and staring some truly great people who are no longer with us bitch of a year, I’ve got 4 shorts up for free today and tomorrow!

First up, meet Evie Jones, a young witch stumbling into adventures, fighting the rules of her authoritarian government, and bringing the fire to everything from her career to her love life.

evie jones

And she thought her ex was evil…

Witch Evie Jones would rather drown her sorrows than babysit the weekend her ex is getting married, but she promised her friend she’d help. The night goes from bad to worse when a zombie crashes the party and TV bingewatching turns to terror. Now she’s in for the fight of both hers and her charge’s lives.

evie and good luck cover final 2

Even her black cat can’t bring in enough luck to get her out of trouble this time…

Everyone could use a little extra luck. On Friday the 13th, witches compete to gather the most with their cats. This year, Evie Jones brings a cause to her coven; a friend retaking the bar exam could use all the luck she can get. Helping humans with magic is against the rules, though, and a busybody threatens to turn her over to the Council if she tries it.

So what do you do when your government’s rules are getting in the way of you harmlessly helping your friend? If you’re Evie Jones, you get real sneaky, real fast.

And then from the Laws of Magic series:


Hive mind was never this literal before magic woke up…

Millie’s first date with Anton at the ropes course is going great, until a spell sweeps the woods, turning everyone it touches into worker ants.

Except Millie.

As the hive swarms to fulfill a nefarious mission, Millie flies to the rescue, only to find the heartbreak from her past may be the only thing keeping her feet on the ground and head out of the clouds as the spell comes for her.

And the prequel to the Sphinx series:


When witches’ powers wake, a guide is sent to meet them, but for the newly formed Order of the Sphinx, someone else gets there first…

There’s no indication Sandry’s last first day of college is going to be anything but ordinary. But after a bright light sweeps her away and drops her outside with four others, all thoughts of normal fly out the window.

As the confused students figure out their new powers, a vampire crashes the party. As the magic gloves come off and the fangs come out, Sandry fights to protect her new friends, even as the vampire makes her blood rush for more reasons than one.

There they are for today, more will be coming up. So if you’re like me and want to hole up at home until this year is over and done screwing with us, I recommend you take some books with you 😉

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