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Trivia Thursday – Presidents

1. What president ran on the promise that if elected, he would not seek a second term?

2. Who was the only man in US history to serve as the head of two branches of government?

3. Who was the first president born an American Citizen?

4. Which president was pulled over for speeding, and had to pay a fine and walk back to the White House?

5. Who was the only president to get married in the White House?

6. Who was the youngest president?

On Thursdays I’ll give you 3 to 7 questions on the law, literature, writing and/or science.

I’m holding you to the honor’s system.  No cheating, yes, that includes Googling and reading prior comments before you answer yourself. 🙂 For every answer correct, you get me to answer something on your blog, like critiquing a piece, and anyone who gets all questions of the week correct gets me re-posting a recent post of theirs.

The point of this is to engage and have fun, and hopefully learn something.  I’ll post the answers on Fridays around noon.

Go to the link and answer the questions in the comments section.  Honors system so no Googling 🙂

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