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What If There Is Hope?

First up, great post from Sarah Hoyt that inspired this.

I know after yesterday a lot of us are tossing up our hands and trying to figure out what to do besides sit in a corner and cry.  I didn’t particularly like Cruz, I was willing to vote for him to keep the worse critters out, and I don’t think the things I disagreed with that were on his platform were that worrisome since they were more issues for states anyway.

So, I would’ve voted for him, because he would’ve been the lesser evil.

The reason I don’t like Trump?  It’s not because of what everyone’s saying, how he’s a racist or whatever.  It’s because he’s a donkey that slapped on a fake trunk.  He was liberal before this election.  I still think my conspiracy theory that he was put in as a plant to split the party and guarantee Clinton the win is legit.

So we’re going to end up with a Dem either way.  It’ll be Clinton.  I already knew this before Trump ran off with the delegates because if he didn’t get the nomination, he’d just run third party and split the vote, which is what’s going to happen here.  A bunch of us will vote Libertarian and Clinton will take off with the vote.

BUT, this is America and there is only so much damage one person will do, right?

Sure, Obama took away our right to choose if we wanted to buy insurance or not, effectively raising taxes though people were too stupid to realize it was a tax until it was too late, and now prices are skyrocketing due to an inefficient system, which is what everyone said would happen.  And sure, he’s made noises about taking away our gun rights, but hasn’t been able to do too much to them except take away vet’s rights through the VA, and there were already regs in place anyway.  And the stuff about the NSA spying on all of us was happening way before Obama took office.  And the economy tanked, but that was because of the housing bubble that was set to go off the second the gov stepped in to tell banks to give people loans when they couldn’t afford them.

Wait… all of this isn’t really comforting because it means this has been going on for awhile and we’re just getting worse and worse.

BUT, and this one is a real but, what if there is hope?  Yes, we’re looking at dark times, but we’ve been in them before.  And now we have this beautiful thing called the internet.

The media is biased towards the left except for one major news station and a few radio hosts that are just religious, so how do you get your news?  The internet!  The stuff they want to spin like how the people burning buildings were just “protesting racism?”  One, you could see right through that, and two, real reports were online.

The major publishing houses are basically propaganda machines?  There’s indie publishing now!

Facebook and Twitter are going after conservatives and deleting their posts or suspending their accounts?  Looks like we’ll have another big social media platform now.

The government is using public school to indoctrinate kids?  Homeschooling is more viable than ever with online help to create lessons.

We have the means for our counter culture.  We can mobilize.  What if, what if the Dems who didn’t like the socialist leanings finally realized that’s all the Dem party is about, and the Reps who don’t think their religion should rule others/would still rather see a moderate than a Dem take over, all came out on election day and voted third party?

What if all of us who think this is the worst election America has seen since anyone alive can remember decide to turn out and vote third party because the two main choices are two sides of the same tarnished coin?

What if we won?

And even if we don’t, there’s still hope.  There is still this counter culture we have been building.  There are still stories being told, the groundwork being laid.  Will things get bad?  Yeah, but they are already bad and we have carried on.  We have fought in courtrooms and won, huge gun rights decision just this year.  And we have fought in entertainment and we are winning.

I have hope because I have seen our creativity and ingenuity these past few years.

They tell us what to sing on their stage?  We will build another.

(For stories that aren’t all establishment leftist propaganda, and even have some anti big gov stuff in them, completely coincidentally, that are focused on plot and character first, with a little message maybe folded in 😉 check me out on Amazon at and don’t forget to support all indie authors, you know, if you want, it’s still a free country…. for now 🙂

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