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(For today we had to pick the nearest book, flip to page 29, pick the first word that jumps off the page and write a post about it, but make that post in the form of a letter.  My word was wonder.  This is a continuation of other posts from my book Patenting Magic and since it’s in parts all over the place on here, I have links in chronological order here. Flashback I’m probably going to put near the beginning of the book before the guy shows up in the story: and then this one.)

He’s there!  Are you fucking with me?

I grinned at David’s popped up chat message.  I’d just written him that my ex was hired on and I expected him to take longer to get back to me.  After all, it was the middle of the work day for people not hiding in their apartments from their boss, ex, job… basically their whole lives.

I had issues, sue me.

I always wondered what would have happened if we didn’t go so fast, if we hadn’t been drunk.  If, if, if.  I mean, he liked me.  At some point he did like me… I think.  And now he’s back… working in my office, and he’s fucking married! I typed, clicking on David’s name to take me to his page while I waited for his answer.

His profile picture was him grinning with his brother, both of them decked out in sports gear at some football game.  My heart ached.  I hadn’t seen him in nearly a year and I missed my best friend.  He was having a great time in Austin, and loved working in the Prosecutor’s office, but still, the selfish part of me wanted him to move back.

Especially now.

The little David tab in the corner popped up with a red 1 and I clicked on it way too fast too be cool.  This was why I loved the internet and Facebook.  Nobody could see me being a spaz.

Yeah, I knew that.  They got married right after he left Nashville.  I figured you knew.  It was on Facebook.  Are you okay?

I unfriended him after he started dating her.  I had no clue.  Ten bucks says he married her for a green-card.  Poor girl’s going to get left like last night’s sushi once that goes through.  Well, he’d never leave someone he could use, he’s probably just cheating on her with every little girl stupid enough to fall for his crap.


Oh, you think that’s bad?  Guess what?


My boss said if I can’t work with that jackass, he’ll fire him.  Oh hell yeah!  I’m thinking how to tell him.  I want to be there when the boss-man tells him he’s fired.  I want him to know it’s because of what he did to me.

Okay Millie, I’m going to need you to remember it’s been five years since this happened, you’ve dated guys since then, had your heart broken again since then and dealt with it fine.  And remember you’re a grown, mature lawyer.  Because if you don’t, I’m going to have to use my skymiles to come up there and shake you!  You’re better than this.  You are above being that petty.

I sat back, crossing my arms with a pout.

David wasn’t done.  The little bubble showed the scribbles meaning he was still typing.  I rolled my eyes.


I jumped with the doorbell, shooting the door a dirty look.  Ten bucks said it was some salesman trying to convince me to buy cleaning products.  I opened the door.

And almost slammed it shut again.

“Hey Millie,” he said, face unreadable.  “I was going to just call but couldn’t resist the chance to see a grown woman fly again.  Obviously I’m terrifying, but there’s no wings, so should I put on a mask… hide and jump out at you?”  He grinned, wide and genuine and… him.  “Or I could sing.  That’ll have a Millie shape hole in the wall for sure.”

I couldn’t help it, I smiled.  And suddenly he wasn’t the jackass I told stories about.  He was the goofy foreign guy I met at the beginning of law school.  The one who made me laugh so hard I spit out wine.  The one who’s accent I could listen to for hours.  The one who’s fake American South accent made me smile and groan every time.

He wasn’t jackass, or him, or the guy who broke my heart, or my first.

I stepped back and said the thing I hadn’t said in three years.  Because I couldn’t.  Because even hearing it on characters in TV shows made my heart speed up.  Lucky it was so uncommon because I just couldn’t get used to hearing it and definitely couldn’t say it without weight to the word.

I said his name.

“Hi Dietrich.”

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