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Go Vote!

Nope, don’t say it’s primaries so it doesn’t matter.  Don’t make excuses.  We’re all busy, we all have jobs (and I’d really rather the people who don’t have jobs, and live on welfare, we’re not going after hard workers who happen to be out of work right now, where was I?  Yeah, I’d rather them not be able to just sweep us all away because we’re too busy).

I’m at work till 6, so I’m going straight to the voting place.  Do I have shit to do tonight?  You betcha.  I got two careers over here.  Lawyer by day, author by night isn’t just a catch phrase.  I go home, get dinner and stretch/work out, and then get back on the computer after being on it all day at my day job.

I’m still going.  Because there is no way in hell I’m losing out on my right to bitch when this whole thing blows up.  Okay, okay, there’s a chance my vote will actually count and matter, but mostly I’m doing this for the right to complain (and yes, I’m a lawyer, I do know you always have the right to complain, it’s just something people say 🙂

So do it during your lunch hour, do it after work, hell, ask to leave early if you need to.

But get out there.  If your state already went then I hope you did vote.  If you’re not up yet, save this post till the day you are.

No excuses.  Yes, you can complain about the lines while you’re there.  I suggest bringing your smart phone or tablet and reading in line.

Need a suggestions for what to read while you’re waiting?  Just so happens I’ve got Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos on sale for $0.99!  You want to see the kind of government that turns out when the people don’t get to vote (same goes for if you don’t vote) then check out what happens to Evie and her friends when their government rep is in town for an inspection.

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